Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Narcissistic 25

Since it took me forever to write, I thought I'd repost something that I posted up on Facebook.  A little (or lot) more about what makes me tick.


Yeah, yeah.  25 things about me.  25 people to pass it along to.  You know the drill by now.  Let's clog the intertubes some more...  For the record, these are in the order they popped into my head.  Therefore they'll likely be very nonsensical.

1.  I've only been in one fight (outside of sibling duels) in my life.  Sixth grade and I settled it with one swing of my saxophone case.  Since I no longer play the sax, I'll stick to my one fight per lifetime rule.

2.  I have chronic sinusitis.  It sucks.  If I could stop it I would, trust me.  I am not sniffling/snorfiling to annoy you.  I have many other ways I can accomplish that.  Three separate surgeries provided temporary relief but no real cure.

3.  My favorite band is Wilco.  Unhealthily so.  I'd like to think my musical tastes are diverse (a glance @ my iTunes listing would back that up) but in reality I listen to these guys 60% of the time, much to Becca's chagrin.  Favorite Wilco songs?  Casino Queen (brings back memories of too many nights on the waterfront in college) & Handshake Drugs (don't know why, just always puts me in the right mood).

4.  I'm equal parts scared and excited about my impending fatherhood.  While people around me swear I'll make a good father, I'm of the belief that you never know until it is truly thrust upon you. 

5.  Becca and I essentially moved in together three weeks after we met.  While she swears it was b/c she had internet and HBO, I like to think of it as a sign of true love.  Still kind of amazing for someone who's previous longest relationship was 4.5 months.

6.  I am a sports geek, although this has tempered itself and evolved over the years.  I do seem to obsess on sports that either move slowly (cricket, baseball) or have limited scoring (baseball, soccer). 

7. I am a fantasy baseball dork.  The Portland Hoods have a sweet eight year streak of one year great, one year bad going strong.  Though winning our league two years ago did score me the cash for a sweet new Garmin running watch.

8.  I am a bit obsessive compulsive about my running.  I used said Garmin to track every mile I ran during my last marathon training.  Additionally, I will run around the block an extra time or two to meet a certain mileage goal but won't stop early if I'm already past a certain mile marker. 

9.  I've run a whopping two marathons, both in state capitols (St. Paul, Sacramento).  Unfortunately qualifying for Boston in 2010 has stopped that streak cold.  :-)  While I always thought marathons were a perfect distance for my body, I think I've found over the past few years that half-marathons are more my thing.  And yes, I do realize this still qualifies me as a freak.

10. I have seen my baseball team (the Red Sox) win the World Series in person (2004 in St. Louis), have been in the locker rooms in Fenway, touched the Green Monster yet have never been to a live game in Fenway. 

11.  I am a proud Eagle Scout.  While the Boy Scouts themselves are not exactly a popular organization to associate with nowadays, I still believe it was (and is) a great way for kids to get into the outdoors and spend time with kids their own age.

12.  I skipped the third grade.  Technically since our school district ran on the track system, I never finished second grade either.  I literally went from second grade on a Friday to the start of fourth grade on a Monday.  Explains why my grade school skills are always a little hit and miss.

13.  I am left handed throwing a ball, playing darts, playing pool, etc.  I am right handed hitting a tennis racket, throwing a frisbee and playing golf.  I write right handed.  I eat ambidextrously.

14.  My sports affiliations (in order of importance): Red Sox, University of Oregon, Portland Trail Blazers, Minnesota Vikings, US Men's National Soccer Team, Olympique Lyonnais (French Soccer), Portland Timbers (US Soccer), Australian National Team Cricket, Hereford United (English League Two Soccer).  Out of these the only one I typically find the time to consistently watch is the Sox.

15.  I've had the fortune to spend 15 months traveling around the world.  I highly recommend it to everyone.  We wrote about it on our blog and it was interesting to see how much I was able to write, keep a journal, etc. during the trip.  Once we got home?  Both have suffered tremendously.

16.  That being said, I still have a life goal of either putting some of our travels into a group of essays or working with my dad to do a children's book based on some of our experiences.  Not sure which (or either) will ever happen but they stay on my life goal list.

17.  Yes, I have a life goal list.  Dorky I know but it does keep in perspective the things and situations you want out of life.  It helps to have as well to serve as an anchor when things start to get out of control and you lose sight of the important things, whatever you've defined those as for yourself.

18.  I've eaten a pound of Boston baked beans (the candy kind) in one sitting.  For dinner.  No, it wasn't to win a bet.  Yes, I felt ill the next day.

19.  After traveling for 15 months, it is amazing how little you can live with.  While the equation changes slightly once you're living in one place again I've been very proud with the fact that we've been able to downscale what we need and learn to live a simpler lifestyle.  It's great to be able to get by with less, walk to just about everything we need and just live simpler.

20.  That being said, having just recently acquired a new TV and HD coverage having the occasional treat is nice :-)

21.  I had both dogs and cats when I was a kid.  I can safely say that now I'm mainly a cat person if only for the simple fact that you can leave them with the litter box for a weekend.  That being said, I have a permanent soft spot for the Welsh Corgis in our neighborhood and secretly wish for one on occasion.  Not enough to actually go through though.

22.  This is the busiest time of year for the Davis family.  From January 5 to February 18th, I have birthdays for my entire immediate family, Becca, my sister in law, my mom & dad's anniversary, and the birthdays of multiple friends.  Needless to say I'm committed to deficit spending (both in $ and time) from mid-December through February.

23.  I love living in Portland again.  It's fantastic to be in such an outdoor wonderland and so close to family.  However if circumstances led to us moving, my short list would be Melbourne, New Zealand (south island), Southern France, Minneapolis, Seattle (under certain conditions) & Vancouver BC.

24.  I'm looking forward to the challenge of becoming a stay at home dad.  At least in the short term Becca and I decided we wanted to have one of us home and focused on the baby full time and given her current successful consulting gig and me just finishing school, it seemed like a no brainer.  Plus I have to admit that it's something I've thought about for a long time.  I'm not sure if I'm going to be a natural at it but I'm really looking forward to having the opportunity to bond with my child in a way that so few dads get to do.  Guess I have to get used to looking sexy with a baby bjorn!

25.  I consider myself the luckiest man in the world to be married to Becca.  The second smartest person I have ever met (for the record, I'm about #531), she has an amazing combination of brains, determination and adventurous spirit that has allowed us to tackle everything from family illness to getting married to traveling around the world to going to Babies R Us.  Though I think that last one scared us the most :)


Steve said...

Your dad was a great dad, I'm sure you'll be just fine.

dee said...

Becca/Brian -- email me your honest-to-lobster street address, because something needs to go in the mail. I'm deenao at earthlink dot net.

I'm getting soooooo excited!