Thursday, May 31, 2007

the joys of techonology... has been pointed out that after I posted the entry saying I was about to post a bunch of new stuff, I disappeared again. Bad me. In my defense, I do have 3 entries in draft form in blogger. But yesterday I told myself I was going to finish one and get it posted no matter what.

So I wrote something. Hated it. Rewrote it. Hated it a little less. Rewrote it again and finally decided it was ready to post. Yay! Reread it one more time and saw a couple of typos/small changes. Tried to go back and make the change and some bug/hiccup in blogger somehow erased all the saved versions and disappeared the whole thing.





So now I'm starting over trying to remember what I had in the final version that I liked. Hopefully that won't take as long to throw back together and I can post it soon.


Saturday, May 19, 2007

.....and we're back!

After some not too subtle emails from a couple of friends reminding us that we do, indeed, have a blog, and a disbelieving look back at the date of our last post (April 1, good grief!), we are back for more tales of quotidian adventures. I'm not quite sure where the time has gone or why we weren't posting. I guess it's just a combination of the normal busyness of everyday life with fully booked weekends and the fact that when we do have a small amount of free time, we tend to try and avoid the computer.

Also, I think there's only probably so much interest out there in reading about my trips to the emissions testing facility, DMV and dealerships with each car (though I did set a new speed record for taking the driver's knowledge test at the East 82nd Ave DMV) and attempts to get all our health insurance paperwork straightened out. But there have been a couple of things worth writing about over the past 6 weeks (again: good grief!) so we'll get those posted hopefully over this weekend.

Thanks for even still being a reader of the blog, given the long downtime. We'll try and keep it updated more going forward.

:-) becca