Thursday, March 05, 2009

Getting Prepped for Baby

I'm writing this from the lovely Oregon coast, where Becca and I are taking the time to load up on some R&R in preparation of the impending addition to the Davis family. We're inside of four weeks and as of Friday, Becca will officially be term. There are plenty of other things going on in our life (the biggest being battling parental health issues on both sides) but the baby is taking full focus.

As a friend of ours pointed out, we're never going to be truly prepared but we have what we need to come home from the hospital: A car seat (legally obligated in Oregon), diapers and well... boobs :-)

More once we're back in Portland.


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Anonymous said...

I was hoping for a baby update!! So glad you guys are taking time for yourselves before the baby arrives. We're really excited for you.

Kristin, Chris & the kids