Monday, May 05, 2008

Tesekk├╝r ederim, Turkey!

Home again and trying to remember what work and real life is like. Though it took 4-5 days into the trip to do so, we were able to shed the stress of work and everyday life and get our minds right back in the traveling mode. It was a great chance to hit the "reset" button and remind ourselves about what we're all about. Now we'll see how well we keep that in mind as we dive back into work, school, and other life.

We have all kinds of stories and pictures to share so expect to see a whole rash of new entries over the next few days/weeks. The high level summary though is that Turkey was a great country to visit. The people were overwhelmingly friendly and kind, the culture was interesting, the food was tasty, and there was tons of history to explore and experience. We especially enjoyed the mix of east and west and had fun hopping back and forth between Asia and Europe. And while we were glad to come home and not be on a year-long jaunt again, we also realized that traveling and exploring new places will always be a part of our lives.