Monday, January 26, 2009

Product Ideas Run Amuck

In my daily wanderings, I'm always intrigued by what motivates people to buy and sell certain products. Was it something created from someone's own personal need? Is it an extravagance? Where is the market for this?

It's this final question that brought me to posting about two products in the TLA (tobacco, liquor and firearms) market. The first is courtesy of my friend Alex: Crystal Head Vodka. Ok, the video is long (about 10 min) but worth it when you have a few minutes to spare.

The video can easily be mistaken for a viral SNL campaign. In fact, when the video came out it was evidently thought to be a viral effort for a new Ghostbusters or Indiana Jones movie. However, it's all true. Evidently Aykroyd, in addition to being a huge UFO buff/believer, is also the Canadian distributor of Patron and partially owns four wineries.

However, the high entertainment value lies in the making of the vodka: QUADRUPLED distilled over precious crystals called Herkimer diamonds leading to a "distinct flavor." Also adding to its taste is it creation in scenic Newfoundland, a place so rugged it has it's own time zone. I have to admit, after listening to the video, I was torn between mocking the vodka and buying it.

The second item though I can guarantee will NOT be going on the 2010 birthday list, baby registry, etc. As I was walking through one of our local mega-malls, I came upon a kiosk selling the e-cigarette. The creators were seeking to "create a smoke free environment by offering an option to smoke without tobacco, tar and all the other chemicals found in traditional cigarettes."

Yes, evidently someone has found a way to create a mechanical device that gives you a nicotine hit without the smell, tar and other chemicals. While I commend anything that helps get rid of the stank of cigarettes, this product seems targeting the "desperate to still look like a social outcast" market. However, this guy does his best to make it look cool.

So Crystal Head Vodka and the e-cigarette. Representatives are standing by.

Happy Monday everyone!


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