Friday, March 27, 2009


So due date day has come and is on its way to being gone, and baby is showing no inclination to being in any hurry to come join us. (It's increasingly looking like no one but baby will win the birth pool!)

You start to wonder if the belly has its own time zone...

Mostly I'm pretty good with that. Though today just seemed to increase a step function in uncomfortableness, I'm still not that bad...certainly no where near as miserable as many, many of the other very preggers ladies I see or know. And there is certainly more work to get wrapped up before I hand it off, so having extra days for that is very nice.

And finally, I sort of feel like once the baby comes there is that whole 'your whole life has changed' thing going on. Given that it will be changed for the rest of our lives, I don't mind putting it off for another week or two.

Is it time to set the egg timer yet?

Will let folks know once there's any news.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Brian's Crazy Emails #1

Being fortunate enough to be an early adopter to gmail, I had my choice of email addresses. Despite the obvious move of just using my first and last name (it was available), I chose to use my first initial and last name. I think this was mainly because it was what my work email was at the time but in retrospect, not the best move. Having a generic email address has led to me being signed up for all sorts of newsletters and offers as well as being the recipient of well... let's just say emails that aren't meant for me. On the suggestion of my friend wadE, I've chosen to start posting some of these for the entertainment value of all. All names have been deleted to protect the innocent, innoculous and idiotic.

So with that overly explanative introduction, here's the first Brian's Crazy Emails. It's no This Is Why You're Fat, but hopefully it will add some humor to your day.

Crazy Email #1:

I am freakin almost 12 & I still don’t have my ears pierced!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh the unfairness is unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Uhuhuhuhuuuh! Cant breathe!!

I'm not quite sure where to start here. My friend wadE pointed out that she must not be Italian; evidently it's commonplace for Italian girls to get their ears pierced at 6 months (or so says his Italian-American wife). I just enjoyed the quality teen angst. She does get credit for not using texting English in the email though. Nice to have it completely devoid of OMGs and LOLs. However, the angry Pac-Man? I did a cursory glance of Google image but didn't have any luck finding the equivalent. Perhaps an original creation? Either way it seems to be speaking in Pac-ese. Perhaps "Let teen angst free?"


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Penultimate Twosome Post

Or in other words.... not much else to add until the baby comes so maybe one more almost there post.

We know that we've been beyond remiss in updating the blog, but often do you need to read "Becca is keeping busy with BSC freelance, Brian is keeping busy finishing the house and pre-baby projects, and the pregnancy is going along fine". Yawn.

I'm currently between 38 and 39 weeks along. Our assumption is that once baby arrives (which should be sometime in the next couple of days to 3 weeks) we'll have all sorts of new things to talk about and stories and pictures to share.

In the meantime, here's a few views of the amazing expanding belly. :-)


barely showing, week 25

starting to creep out there, 30 weeks

and a little bit more, week 32

Now let's contrast those to the more recent shots:

this shirt looks slightly different at 37 weeks, eh?

this shirt looks slightly different at 37 weeks, eh?

"Oh my god..You've swallowed a basketball!" 37 weeks at the beach

37 week silhouette in Waldport

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Getting Prepped for Baby

I'm writing this from the lovely Oregon coast, where Becca and I are taking the time to load up on some R&R in preparation of the impending addition to the Davis family. We're inside of four weeks and as of Friday, Becca will officially be term. There are plenty of other things going on in our life (the biggest being battling parental health issues on both sides) but the baby is taking full focus.

As a friend of ours pointed out, we're never going to be truly prepared but we have what we need to come home from the hospital: A car seat (legally obligated in Oregon), diapers and well... boobs :-)

More once we're back in Portland.