Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just a short note from us to our friends and family around the world: Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving in your country or not, we just wanted to tell you how thankful we are to have you in our lives and know that you are out there.
When travelling like this you don't ever stay in one place long enough to make deep friendships (though we appreciate the folks we have met along the way: the Gimmelwald gang, Karla & Darren, Matthieu & Jeanne), and so the emails and comments on the blog from all of you out there make a HUGE difference in making us feel like we're still part of a normal life and that there are people out there who care what happens in our lives.
We also are thankful for the opportunity to have this experience. It wasn't easy to extricate two ultra-responsible, type-A, "must-do-what-is-expected of us" people from career paths, but it was one of the best decisions either of us has ever made. I hope that following along on our adventure has made it easier for some of you to envision doing things that you might otherwise not have considered.
We'll be thinking of you all digging into your turkey-with-all-the-goodies today. I think we will be having Molly's famous mac and cheese (and maybe a little chicken to pretend it's a turkey) while babysitting the grand kids up here in Copenhagen.
More posts coming soon. We've had our heads buried in Lonely Planets and atlases trying to figure out a path through Asia so that we can get our plane tickets and start thinking about visas. As soon as that gets under control we'll finish updating the blog both about Italy and about the process of trying to plan this next phase of the trip.
Until then we'll be loving living "at home" again briefly and enjoying the time with Mogens and Grethe, Lotte and the family, and Michael and Jannie.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Becca and Brian


marlynn said...

Happy Thanksgiving you two!!!! Gobble gobble

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated T-Giving to you guys. Catching up after a very hectic last month of work and life. Hope you are/did enjoy Copgenhagen... and got a chance to hit the Carlsberg Brewery... cheapest beer we had in Europe! :-D