Sunday, November 27, 2005

Not a bad view...

Not to start out a post in full taunting mode, but here is the view from our place (click on the camera icon in the lower left) in San Gimignano (and at sunset). Yes, Becca and I spent every spare moment we had up there. Easily the best of our accommodations in Italy, complete not only with two bedrooms and the terrace, but with an actual refrigerator and kitchen where Becca and I could actually cook. May not sound like much but when you haven't cooked in over six weeks, it sounds good even to a ramen and chicken hack like me.

San Gimignano was recommended to us by the native Italian contingent at my dad's work and they were spot on (not surprisingly I suppose). It gave us the best gelato on the trip (and we highly recommend that anybody who goes there tries the Gelateria di Piazza in Piazza della Cisterna), a quiet town since it was quickly approaching off season and most importantly easy access to the Tuscan countryside. I had suddenly started panicking about this around Florence as I realized we didn't really have anyway to go out and drive amongst the Tuscan hills and all the vineyards. Thankfully SG's locale allowed us to take one of the days to hike amongst the hills, enjoying the views and checking out all the mom and pop wineries along the way (though most of the wineries were closed for the season). Amazing to see the hills alive in color, even if it was the greens and browns of autumn.

The other highlight of SG was the interactions had with our landlord, Carla Rossi. Her and her son Francesco (another cute Italian man for Becca and Mom to drool at, sensing a trend?) rent a variety of apartments/houses in the area. Both were full of personality and like most Italians in Tuscany had a side wine/olive oil business on the side. Not surprisingly my parents ended up buying a decent amount of wine despite Becca and Carla holding a conversation where each of them understood about 20% of what the other was saying. My highlight though was watching my dad stun Carla by eating some of the crabgrass that was growing in the yard. You'd think we shot her dog or something as evidently its a weed for them. Guess she wanted us to eat the Kaki instead.

In all two plus very relaxing days in a locale that Becca and I might not have found for ourselves. Many thanks go out to Mom and Dad for helping out along the way, being serious troopers when they weren't sure whether the hikes were going to be all uphill and for being great role models. And to 35 plus years of marriage...


Also, we highly recommend a little local trattoria, Trattoria Chiribiri (up a side street 100 yards from the main gate) for anybody looking for delicious food, appreciated equally by locals and tourists. Warning: it's very small, so you will want reservations or be willing to wait

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Ha! I hear that the going rate for a pair of female estonian legs is a mild flirtation with a cute Italian ragazzo.