Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Beating the house in Monte Carlo and other adventures...

Quick note to let everyone know that we're alive and well.  Currently hanging out at a undisclosed location working on updating the blog, catching up on sleep and getting ready to head up to Denmark for a few weeks of Asia planning/hanging out before heading for the warmer climes of the subcontinent.  We should have a ton of pics, blog entries on our adventures in Italy and the French Riviera and other random musings up this week. 
In the meantime a story that shows how two type A's can actually change, at least a little.  Becca and I were taking the train from Milan to Menton, France and after having 3.5 hours of two screaming kids next to us, reading my latest book  was not in the cards.  Instead I decided to start perusing through our SE Asia guidebook the parents brought over.  Within about 10 minutes, I'd had a revelation: why spend two plus weeks in cold rainy Scotland (where it is currently getting dark at 3pm) and England when we can use that time to explore somewhere like India or China that we might not have otherwise given ourselves the time to properly see?
So as we're leaving the train, the following conversation takes place:
Me: "So I had an idea..."
Becca: "I bet I know what it is because I was thinking the same thing..."
Me: "I say we scrap the UK because it's the easiest place in Europe to visit from the States and we can always go back and use the extra time in Asia"
Becca: "Uh... ok.  Not what I was thinking."
With that, a little bit of contemplation and a swallowed cheap plane fare to Glasgow (thank god for Ryanair and their 0.01 Internet fares) we've changed our plans. 
Why isn't all travel quite this easy? 

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