Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Random sports related blog entry...

Congrats on the Aussies for qualifying for their first World Cup in 32 years. Having been there in 1997 when they failed to qualify it is obvious that despite football ranking being about third or fourth, it's a serious matter of national pride that they finally got over the hump. Plus Guus Hiddink is a wizard.

Read all about it right here. Note the special post game locker room guest. Just odd...


PS Early Civil War prediction: Ducks 35, Beavers 13.


Anonymous said...

In his blog, Brian predicts a big Oregon win in the Civil War, but will only give OSU 11 points when it comes down to putting up his money in his annual bet with me. Either Brian's not really that confident, or he screwed me over with a bad pointspread :)

This could be the first of three Gunderson vs. Dixon Civil Wars.

Go Beavs!

BD said...

If it makes you feel any better Lincoln, I ripped on him for the exact same thing as soon as I saw his post. The Beavs will just have to get karmic revenge