Friday, October 28, 2005

Off on a gelatto break

Published another post (catching up on our Provence wanderings) and uploaded a whole bunch of pics for your enjoyment. We leave Lyon, France for Italy tomorrow morning where we will meet up with Brian's parents who are coming over to travel with us for a couple of weeks. Thus the postings may be few and far between for awhile as we will have more social things to do than sit in an internet cafe.

We'll be back later with crazy italian adventures, until then wish us good travels and an unlimited supply of pistachio gelatto


UPDATE: We've added blog entries for Espana and our latest stop, Padua. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Oh! I can't wait! Buom viaggio!

marlynn said...

Oh my god I looooove gelato!!! Have some straciatella for me. Lots of it. And send pictures. My fave is a tiny gelato shop in the piazza by the Uffizi(sp), across from the statue of David in Florence. Yum. The gelato in Portland just isn't the same :(

BD said...

While we're catching up on things I'll see if I can get some thoughts on the blog. Definitely have some in how the riots are shaking the French's sense of society and some of the underlying racial/socioeconomic tensions.