Thursday, June 30, 2005

Quick Update

In Norway currently headed towards Stockholm tomorrow. We've got stories from Odense (Denmark), Oslo and Balestrand (Norway) to post but as with everything in Norway, internet access is expensive.

In the meantime, keep yourselves entertained in the comments section (some of you have being doing quite well in this regard) and check out pics of Oslo and the Fjords.



Anonymous said...

Man: Well, what've you got?

Waitress: Well, there's egg and bacon; egg sausage and bacon; egg and spam; egg bacon and spam; egg bacon sausage and spam; spam bacon sausage and spam; spam egg spam spam bacon and spam; spam sausage spam spam bacon spam tomato and spam;

Vikings: Spam spam spam spam...

Anonymous said...

Whoa... that's a lot of snow and ice... isn't it July over there? :-)

Is this area somewhat similar to people taking cruises to Alaska, in that it's only hospitable during the peak of summer?

nice pics though!