Friday, July 01, 2005

Til Lykke Med Ny Hus!!

Dateline: Odense

On June 30th we regretfully said goodbye to Mogens and Grethe and their wonderful backyard and headed to Odense, on the island of Fyn. Odense is the birthplace of Hans Christian Anderson, and this is the 200th anniversary of his bday, so it's been a big deal. We are here not only to pay homage to HCA, but to visit Michael, Becca's former ultimate frisbee teammate and good friend from when she lived in Copenhagen 13 years ago, and to meet his fiancee Jannie.

We enjoyed walking around the old center and the pedestrian shopping streets and played proper tourist with HCA's house, but the highlight was hanging out with Michael and Jannie. After a much hilarity at dinner and a pub, we were taken out in their new (!) car to see their new (!) house. We were honored to be the first ones to officially toast the house with good wine, good chocolate, and (of course) much throwing around of a frisbee in their huge yard. (What else do you expect from 4 ultimate players?). Their new house is in the middle of some absolutely beautiful countryside with old farms and fields (and lots of cows, very important)

We were really sorry to only have an evening to spend together. We needed to head up to Oslo and they were leaving to go down to Germany and compete in the European Ultimate Club Championships (Michael on Ragnarok, Denmark's top team, and Jannie on Flying Circus). They've invited us to come down and watch the finals and if we can figure out the logistics and timing, we will. Otherwise, we wish them luck with their wedding planning and hope to have many more fun visits in the years to come.

(7/7 note: The logistics proved too difficult and so we were unable to make it down to join them. However, Ragnarok plays in the semifinals this (Friday) morning. Wish them luck!)


Anonymous said...

What amazing pictures of the fjords, mountains and lakes! Breathtaking! Looks like you stayed at the "Ritz" of hostels. Your food choices continue to be interesting!

Anonymous said...

am I the only one who thinks Jannie looks like Sarah Ferguson (the Dutchess of York)?