Wednesday, June 29, 2005

FYI for folks #2

We only link a small portion of our pics in our blog entries. For family (or fanatically interested friends) who want to see more, you should be able to navigate within Flickr once you've gone to an individual photo link. You can keep hitting back/next, you could view through a slide show, or you may be able to sort by topic/tags (Amsterdam, Denmark, Belgium, etc.) to just see those photos.

Enjoy! (and keep the comments and emails coming)



Anonymous said...

I *love* the haircut! You look great! Happy anniversary, you guys. Your wedding pictures are amazing. Congratulations on your first year as husband and's to many, many more.

Enjoy Odense. That's where my family is! I'd make an introduction but it sounds like you're going to be really busy already.

Take care,

Kristin (& Chris & E & I)

Anonymous said...

Love the historical pictures, but the "off the beaten path" pics are the best! Keep them coming!

Anonymous said...

So, how come I'm not getting play by play accounts of the Tour? Forget this frisbee stuff, you should be in France right now....

bike-messanger boy