Monday, May 30, 2005

Where's the next stop?

Just got back from dinner and Return of the Sith here in beautiful downtown Salt Lake. Some of the highlights from ten hours on the road between North Platte and SLC.

-heavy rains in Nebraska and Wyoming made driving a little dicey in places.

-Becca navigating through a dense fog in Wyoming which combined with the rain and construction made driving guesswork at best.

-The 30 degree temp swing during the day with a stop in Wyoming bottoming out at 35. Not good for a pair of drivers in shorts :-)

-Lots of open land. Not a whole lot of civilization in the 20+miles between exits.

-Beautiful landscape once we got into Utah and headed towards Salt Lake.

(the great lake itself)

-sprinting about 400m after the movie when we suddenly realized our car could quite possibly be in a tow zone. Thankfully the car was still there.

Sleep time now. We head to Reno tomorrow. Hopefully there will be enough time to play a little blackjack...


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Anonymous said...

I can imagine the next entry in this blog:

"Brian lost all our money at the blackjack tables in Reno, so we're heading back to Minnesota tomorrow, as soon as we hock some of our stuff for gas money."