Sunday, May 29, 2005

Fines Double in Construction Zones

Day 1 and three states (MN, IA, NE) down.

Surprisingly, Nebraska turns out not to be that bad to drive through. After four hours we have yet to see a single cornstalk. What's up with that???

The worst part has been the constant construction zones (made even more maddening by the fact that of course no construction is being done on a holiday weekend Sunday) and the rain.

The front runners for favorite bill boards for day one of the trip are "The Spam Museum. Either you get it or you don't" from Austin, MN and "Duck. Duck. Duck. Duck. Duck. Duck. Duck. Pork." from the Pork Council ("the other white meat"). The culinary priorities of the
Midwest just keep shining through….

We're spending the night in the hometown of William "Buffalo Bill" Cody. Yee-haw! (Thanks, Robert :-)). On to Salt Lake City tomorrow.


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