Saturday, June 04, 2005

West Coast, baby....

Three world travellers
Three world travellers,
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So we finally made it to the West Coast.

The drive to Reno from Salt Lake was long and empty. Totally put the cruise control on 80, lock the steering wheel, and take a nap. Contrary to the suggestions made in the comments section of our last post, Brian did not spend all of our travelling money at the blackjack tables (though not necessarily for lack of trying ). Becca decided Reno had all of the parts of Vegas she hates and none of the parts that are nice, so she can safely cross that city off of our 'need to return to' list.

After Reno we made it across the Sierra Nevadas and landed in Sacramento to visit Lisa and Jesse. Lisa and Brian are friends from way back and we had the opportunity to help them break in their new house (congrats again!) while enjoying good food and company.

Thursday brought us to the Bay Area and Becca's extended family. It was wonderful to see Ken and Ellyn, Richard and Laura, Joanna (thanks for coming down from the city!), Susan and Craig, and family friends David and Laura (and new baby Ari...Congrats again!). The most special part of the visit though, was the opportunity to spend a lot of time with Nana, Becca's grandmother, who is a world traveller in her own right. We felt lucky to have the chance to hear her stories and hang out.

On to S.F.....

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