Saturday, May 28, 2005

It's finally real!

After a last brutal stretch (11.5 hours of frantic packing and cleaning) we are officially out of the house and on the road. Unbelievable.

It was sad leaving the house…we really love it and our neighborhood and it's still nerve-wracking not having renters for the place. (We REALLY hope that issue gets resolved before we're too far into the trip. Otherwise you'll be reading about a lot of ways to travel the
world on a shoe-string budget) However we're excited and elated that this dream is about to become real.

Despite the fact that we're going to be traveling the world with two small packs and two small daypacks, we still haven't managed to translate this whole packing-light thing into the rest of our lives (as the picture of our Subaru above shows).

We spend the next few days driving across the central Midwest to San Francisco. Then after a few days visiting friends and family there we'll drive up to Portland, Oregon to be with our immediate families before flying to Brussels on June 14th.

Off we go!

B & B

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