Friday, May 27, 2005

The real travel planning...

Ideally, my goal when this site went up was to be updating a little bit more frequently while we were still in the States. Sort of our adventures in travel preparation if you will. Instead what started out as a four page list of to-do's the day we quit work (and what Becca accurately described as a hydra) has just taken over our lives, especially in the last two weeks. Here's a little example of what our days have been like leading up to our departure; this was yesterday:

6:00 Get up
6:30-9 Pack House
9-10 Take cars in for tune-ups
10-11:30 Meet with insurance agent
11:45-1 Meet with property management company to finalize details
1-2:30 workout
2:30-7 Pack House
7-7:30 eat
7:30-12 Pack House

Not exactly exciting stuff but all things that have to get done. The most amazing part about this process is how little planning we've done regarding the actual locations we're visiting. I'd say 90% of our time has been used to get everything done on the Minneapolis end. My advice for anyone thinking of doing this? Do it while you don't have a whole lot of obligations :-)

The house is about packed up and the cleaning process will start tomorrow. Hopefully we get it done early and then we're off a little early to go to Northfield to visit our friends Chris and Katie and then the drive to the Bay Area begins. Anyone who knows of any hot spots along Hwy 80, send them our way. Perhaps we'll post some pictures of corn or something of the like.

Until next time!

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