Sunday, May 08, 2005

The Countdown Begins

With the advent of May we've realized that this trip is about to actually happen. (And that means we'll actually start posting to and updating this site regularly. We know, it's about gosh-darn time.)

We have a many-paged, single-spaced list to get through before we leave and we're just trying to cross off a couple of things each day. The current plan is to leave Minnesota by the end of May, drive to the West Coast and make a last swing through to see friends and family and then be headed across the pond by mid-June at the latest. (Of course, one of the things left on that many-paged list is buying the aforementioned plane ticket to Europe, so you never know....)

Keep your fingers crossed that we can get there...


And if anybody is a blogger guru, give us a holler. There are number of technical questions we have about ways of making this cooler and adding pictures, etc.

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