Monday, May 09, 2005

The genesis of the trip...

(a.k.a: expirimenting with different ways of posting) did we happen to be start on this journey in the first place? Becca grew up travelling and living in other countries and has never been able to get the itch out of her system. Brian hasn't done as much travelling and has a mile-long list of places he wants to see and experience. Since meeting 5 years ago, we have both been running the rat race non-stop. Between intense work and an unbelievable run of family crises, we haven't really had an opportunity to do any of the other things that we love: playing ultimate frisbee, volunteering, hiking, travelling, spending time with friends, hanging out with our families on the Oregon coast, etc.

So we decided to call 'Time Out' and to take a year to just experience life and other cultures and countries.

More background to follow....


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