Tuesday, February 15, 2005

He ain't heavy, he's my backpack

So Brian and I have taken the next step in trip preparations. Over the weekend we went back to REI armed with all the tips from the Round-the-word books and websites and after much consultation with staff (including the sister of my co-worker who has already left on a similar trip), we ended up with the following two backpacks. The plan is to spend the next couple months trying to see how much or how little we can fit in them and to wear them around some to make sure that they are comfortable. That way we still have a chance to change them if we need to.

Looking at them, all we can say is: we will DEFINITELY be learning how to pack light!

Becca's pack:

Brian's pack:

Here's to the adventure!


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Anonymous said...

WHAT?! No updates since 2/15! You quit your job three weeks ago and no time to show us some pictures or stuff...

What am I paying for!? oh, wait... i'm not paying anything...

(How's is it going?)