Sunday, February 10, 2008

Car Show Photo Album

The last two years, my brother, dad and I have gone to the Portland Auto Show for dad's birthday. Here's a few photos from the field trip:

Concept Car whose windows closed up when locked.

The Safe Imagery is completed with this unique back door handle.

Dad contemplating his post-retirement vehicle options...

My Brother's Dream Truck. I think it has actual horses inside.

Me in my brother's second dream vehicle. This one has its own area code.

Ahhh... that's more like it. I'm seriously contemplating one of these to get to/from work. Maybe I just like the idea of having a helmet and goggles.

My Brother-in-Law's main reason for surviving law school :-)

One of the vehicles from the Electric Car section. Unfortunately with a rate of 30 miles/charge we won't see very many of these on the road anytime soon.

And to finish up, the obligatory fast, expensive car...


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