Thursday, February 07, 2008

2008: The Year of the Gnome

As the holiday season approached, I was asked what I wanted for the holidays (and subsequently my birthday) . Outside of a job (which I have since been able to get) I really didn't have anything that was on my wish list. However, during our travels I gained a semi-healthy obsession with garden gnomes. After finding our first one in Brugge, we saw them throughout the trip and whenever I had the chance, I took a picture. Evidently Becca, when asked about potential presents for me, mentioned gnomes as an option.

Fast forward to Christmas Day. My Dad had me in the family gift exchange and in addition to a gift certificate for Beer Disneyland, I got a good ol' fashioned Garden Gnome. The jolly little fellow was a welcome xmas present and I was excited about adding him to the office until I could figure out an appropriate outdoor home. A nice surprise present.

Of course, it was nowhere near done. Between Christmas and my birthday, I received two mini-gnomes and a gnome book from my mother in law, a garden "om" (a Buddha gnome) from my brother in law and his wife and the t-shirt pictured above from my lovely wife. So in two weeks I went from gnomeless to gnomelicious.

After receiving all these gifts I, much like the Chinese, elected to give 2008 a proper designation. For the Chinese, 2008 is the Year of the Rat. For me, 2008 is the Year of the Gnome!



Unknown said...

I bought this ( little set of yellow gnome bowls about a year or so ago. The t-shirt is awesome.

SethG said...

Reminds me of the time a couple of years ago when I got three abaci for my birthday.

And a slide rule--I guess someone was confused.

Now, have you named your gnomes? And are they all gnomes, or did you get any gnomettes?

BD said...

I have not named the Gnomes yet. Seems fitting to given them names of some sort. Maybe I can give them some good Scandinavian names; it sounds better than Doug or Bob.