Wednesday, November 01, 2006

What happens in Fayetteville, stays in Fayetteville...

As most of the people the read the blog know, both Becca and I are recovering ultimate frisbee addicts. In fact, it's how we met. Both of us have been "retired" from the club scene since 2003. Becca has pretty much moved on though she can occasionally be talked into a throw in the park. For me though I occasionally still get the urge to get out, play and let me competitive streak run amok.

For six of the past seven years, my college reunion team has made the trip to scenic Fayetteville, Arkansas to play in the Harvest Moon tournament. I've been to each of them and it's a very good time. The different generations of players get a chance to mix, we have a good time on the field (having finished everywhere from middle of the table to runner-up) and off the field... well no one has been arrested yet, which is a plus. Becca, with no desire to hear about any of the various hijinks that ensue, has sent me off every year with the following:

"Have fun. See you Sunday night."

I might have a few safe for work pictures next week. Or, given the one part of our costume people have agreed upon is mustaches, maybe not. Either way this soon-to-be crippled writer should have something for your amusement on Monday.


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