Monday, November 06, 2006

This says it all...

Your 2006 Harvest Moon Champs.

We came, steeled ourselves with plenty of Braums and tasty beer and took no prisoners. For us older guys this was particularly satisfying as back in the old days as college students, we'd come to this tournament and lose all of our games (badly). So to finally win this tournament, outscoring the opposition 85-36 and knocking out the crowd favorites along the way, was particularly satisfying. Oh and our costume (Steve Prefontaine) actually went over quite well, even if there were more than a fair share of wispy mustaches.

On a more personal note, for essentially not having played in two years, I actually held my own on the field and kept my injury list down to a possible broken toe suffered while trying to navigate my way around a dark hotel room. That aside, this group of guys always reminds me how much I enjoy playing ultimate; something that hasn't always been the case.

The only downer was the two cases of beer we had to leave behind; as people had flights to catch and the tourney had run long, we weren't able to properly celebrate our win though our vanquished opponents were able to properly drown their sorrows. Guess we'll just have to celebrate twice as much next year...


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Anonymous said...


Congrats on the tournament victory at Harvest Moon. I know how you feel, after finally winning Hopu this year with Chuck and Lehner it felt so good after being close so many times. Tomorrow it is off to worlds and aussieland. I meant to email sooner but will have to do it on the fly...literally. After Australia my dad an I will be on the south island. Definitely plan on hitting Wanaka since you two are so fond of it and dad must zorb. I also want the lowdown on rugby and where to watch. I don't have your email here at home and obviously will not be checking work so just shoot me back a line at home (below). Check the PUFF site out as well.


joseperdido (AT) verizon (DOT) net