Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A new look...

Blogger is in the process of moving everyone over to their new functionality, Blogger Beta. New tools, new bells and whistles and a supposedly more technophobe friendly format (not a problem for me, but the tools ARE easier to use). As a result, over the past few days I've been hard at work moving the blog over.


What you see before you is the new us!

A bit more streamlined, a tad more precise and ready for the holiday season. An added bonus of the new format is that you can search for an entry by label. Yep, yours truly has gone back and labeled all of our old posts. So if you just want to read my writing (and who wouldn't?), check out Asia adventures or maybe read just a bit more about the leggy Estonians, you can do just that by scrolling down to the Where to Go? section of the links.

Feedback is always appreciated. Hopefully the new design will continue to be user friendly while making our lives a lot easier.

(Update: Becca and I decided we didn't like the new look so we went to another format. Hope y'all like brown!)


PS I forgot! New pictures are up spanning our initial visit to CA to tailgating at the Vikings/Packers debacle last weekend.


Steven said...

The green is VERY green, other than that I like it a lot... Excellent job !

Unknown said...

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