Friday, November 17, 2006

Visual Bookends...

These should show how we've faired after 15 months on the road. Really, travel is good for you!

Before the trip:

After the trip:

These pictures were taken at the start and end points of our RTW trip. So, let's see... about a total of 45 lbs lost between the two of us, a maintenance free haircut for Brian, two new day bags and one new red shirt for Becca. Oh and the memories to last a lifetime.

We'll be visiting this very point again tomorrow as we fly out to Oregon for the Turkey Day festivities. In the meantime, we've evidently hit the price point on our house because we are having showings left and right. All you blog readers think good, selling thoughts for the house!

More from the left coast. Who knows, maybe Becca will even write an entry or two.


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