Monday, October 30, 2006

Random Musical Recommendation...

I enjoy music. Especially when it's not pre-programmed drivel courtesy of Clear Channel. I mean when you've been gone over a year and the morning show you and the missus woke up to has the exact same playlist (which is supposed to be adult alternative but doesn't have anything in the playlist newer than five years ago...), that's not exactly progress, right?

That's why if you have a computer, are able to listen to music via the internet at work (or at home) and like having your musical boundaries stretched a little bit, check out The Current. Minnesota Public Radio's foray into non-classical music, The Current really runs the gamut of musical tastes. The Current describes it's playlist as follows:

89.3 The Current is a music station with a deep and wide playlist. The Current plays the best, authentic new music alongside music that explores roots and influences. The Current has a special emphasis on local musicians and groups, and will play local music in every hour. The Current will establish deep ties to the local music community and will serve as a positive force in building the creative economy of Minnesota.

They stay very true to this mission statement. Becca best described it as "a college radio station for people in the 25-49 age group". I just call it one of only two stops for me on the Minneapolis FM dial. Despite the local focus in their mission statement, there is plenty of national acts as well. Heck, I figure that any station whose playlist can bump from Uncle Tupelo to local rap wizards Atmopshere to The Brady Brunch's Sunshine Day is a winner in my book.

So if you have some time and want a little musical exploration added to your day check them out. Being the nice guy I am, I waited to do this recommendation until after the just completed membership drive, therefore maximizing your listening pleasure.



Steven said...

If you like Blues music, then check out this podcast :

Anonymous said...

good call on the Current - it's my new favorite stream. since i don't have mp3s on my work laptop i end up listening to streams on it.

check out the following college stations that stream too:

vassar college (can't remember call letters)