Friday, July 14, 2006

Shaking the red dust out of our boots

Just a quick note to let everybody know we made it through the Outback without being eaten by dingos or bitten by snakes. It was an absolutely amazing experience and we are overwhelmed by the number of pictures (though we only took 1/100th as many as Thorsten did!) and stories we have collected. Hopefully as we sift through them over the next week we'll be able to start sharing them with you.

We leave tomorrow night for Darwin where we'll soon be leaving on another (much shorter) 4wd camping trip to Kakadu National Park.

Until then, we just have one word for you: Camels!


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Anonymous said...


It may still take a while until my photos will be online - my iPod cannot be read by the computers in Cairns's internet cafes. I can tell you that much: there are a very few fantastic ones, a couple of nice ones and a huuuuge bunch of crap - as always.

It was a great time touring with you guys and if I hadn't booked Cairns (where I most likely will not be able to dive anyway - I suspect my eardrum to have ruptured in the process of landing in Cairns - hurts like hell) I'd be in Kakadu with you now.

Now I am stranded here and will have to find a way down the east coast... we'll see how that works out :)

Cya later - and I'll promise to add an english translation to my blog ;)

Cheers and Beers (I had a solid number of the latter already so don't mind my badly diminished english skills),

Thorsten (aka the merc, aka the crazy german with the annoying camera)