Sunday, July 02, 2006

New Posts! Get your new posts here!

Just a quick check-in before we go off wine-tasting around Adelaide. We've spent a wonderfully relaxing couple of days hanging out with Darren and Karla, Aussies that we met in Vernazza (in the Cinque Terre) last October. It's amazing how well you can bond over Italian pastries, and they invited us to visit them when we got to this phase of the trip. It's been great getting to know them and we're looking forward to hopefully hosting them in the Pacific NW in a couple of years.

We've been busy putting up new posts and getting caught up on pictures. This was important because as of tomorrow we will be out of touch for the next 10 days. As Brian mentioned earlier we're going on an Outback expedition: using a 4wd vehicle (and knowledgeable guides) to get way out in the middle of nowhere in the red desert. It's cool to think we'll be places that most Australians will never see, and we're looking forward to the combination of harshness, beauty and strangeness that makes up the Outback. Hopefully we won't freeze too much at night and we'll be able to keep the spiders, snakes, and scorpions out of our bedding, and we will emerge again in Alice Springs with some great stories and pictures to share.

So until then, get caught up on the posts, peruse the pictures, and get out and enjoy July. See you on the 13th!


we'd love to come back to an inbox full of emails hint hint hint :-)

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Steven said...

Hope you enjoyed the Outback ! I understand what you meant with your last posts... I don't think I could travel for a year like that... I always enjoy being "home" just as much... Congratulations on your anniversary. We're approaching our 7th one already, seems like yesterday in a lot of ways... All are well here, kids are growing up like mad... Catherine is starting to explore the Mac, and iPhoto, eventually also iWeb, so she can make a website with some pictures etc... Will keep you posted... Love to you both, and talk to you again soon...