Sunday, July 23, 2006

Do adventures have warranties?

If so, then ours just ran out. After passing the 13 month mark a week or so ago, we've had a litany of things fall apart and/or disappear on us. Here's a brief list:

  • Brian's Sunglasses
  • Brian's Watch
  • Two pairs of Brian's underwear
  • Becca's Daybag
  • Becca's button up short sleeve shirt
  • One flashlight
I'm sure there has been more but evidently my mental sanity was covered under the same warranty. To be frank we're really starting to feel the trip both mentally and physically. Not sure what it is that's causing it but it's like we hit a wall at Mach 10. A good guess would be that we are really overwhelmed by everything that needs to get done both travel wise and preparing for home/work wise in the next few weeks. The last thing we need is to return home to everything that has to be done already burned out/fried...and we're heading that way at the moment.

We're doing our best to combat it, especially since we only have 3 1/2 weeks or so left in Australia. There's still so much to see but we're also realizing that in order to reach the US in one piece, we may have to scrap some of our plans (keeping big things like the Great Barrier Reef) and just spend a little more time relaxing and enjoying our last month without pesky things to worry about like job hunting, selling a house, etc. Of course with this being us we've already been thinking about these things way too much. We're doing our best to put them at the back of our mind and just enjoy the last bit of the adventure but since we're also ready to be home, it's a hard thing to do. Hopefully we can find a balance between the two as this portion of the adventure winds down.

So there you go, a little insight into the minds of your favorite intrepid travelers. Here's to hoping our warranties hold out just a little bit longer...


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Anonymous said...

Since you did not break down your list by which items were "lost" versus "fell apart", I will assume that the clothing items were lost. Either way, maybe the loss/destruction of Brian's underwear is directly related to you guys "hitting the wall"?? Speaking of said "wall", this is the 4th or 5th wall that you've described hitting in your blog over the last year. Your loyal readers don't have much sympathy left to offer you, I think. You just finished telling us how you're taking alcohol down to the beach to watch the sunset after watching cricket for 6 HOURS! Doesn't sound like hitting a wall at Mach 10 to me. Maybe you two need to back off the overplanning of your lives :) See you soon.