Sunday, July 23, 2006

Cricket redux

So... a bit of a retraction is necessary. Yesterday I couldn't suppress a snore as I said I was heading off to watch cricket with Brian for the day. Well, it still wouldn't be my first choice for an every weekend activity, but I actually quite enjoyed myself and learned a ton.

This was greatly helped by being taken under the wings of Pete and Paula, some of the team parents of the Waratah cricket club. Their sons are playing on the highest (A) level team, and they were happy to share their knowledge (and behind the scenes gossip) with some interested Americans. We watched 6.5 hours of cricket on Saturday (yes, I love my husband that much) and I was treated to quite a show. Though it wasn't top-level cricket (like Test level matches between various countries) it was pretty decent, and I actually got to see all kinds of cool cricket moments (while of course eating the obligatory meat pie). For those who actually know the game and/or care, those included someone scoring a century, a bowler taking 6 wickets, someone getting bowled out for a golden duck, a team going all out for 319 runs, and in total almost 400 runs and 11 wickets in a day. (ed. that's a lot of runs for a day's play) And yes, I did have trouble keeping a straight face while writing that last sentence.

We enjoyed ourselves enough that this morning we headed over to another Oval to watch the Waratah under-17's finish up the first half of their match. Pete and Paula's youngest son (who at 15 already has made the A-level team) also plays for the young guys. When we got there he was just pushing towards a double century. Unfortunately, at 195 he was bowled out by an LBW. (Leg before wicket). And yes, I actually know what I'm talking about.

We got into the team enough to plan on following their results this season on the internet and we left as honorary Waratah Cricket Club fans, complete with official caps.

While it's not exactly a sport to take the unconverted by storm, it is a nice relaxing way to spend a sunny afternoon. I'm glad I tried it.


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