Friday, June 02, 2006

Don't adjust your set

Just a quick note from Auckland. Brian, Mom and I have had an fantastic three weeks exploring the north island (after Brian and I fell head over heels in love with the south island). The only small blip on our happily ever after has been our utter inability to find internet access. Most of the time, we haven't been able to find it at all, and when we do find a cafe or library with internet, it often is open for very limited hours (and not when we happen to be looking for it).

What that has meant is that we have fallen WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY behind in our blogging and picture posting. Know that we have some great stories still to tell and photos to share with you. Mom leaves tomorrow to return to the States and we will be in a couple of bigger and more touristy towns for the next week so hopefully we'll have the chance to start loading entries again soon.

Until then, we hope that all are well



Anonymous said...

That's a very nice picture of . . . one of you. I think. If that's a picture of Becca, you're hiding the pregnancy well!

BD said...

It's me. The one with facial hair.