Thursday, September 08, 2005


Just a quick note for all the long suffering readers of this blog who have been pestered with emails from us about this:
For those who weren't aware we have been paying the mortgage on our house on top of our monthly trip expenses so far, as our renter backed out at the last minute before we left. This has led to some extreme budgetary consternation at times, made all the worse by our utter unimpressedness with the job the company who was supposed to be trying to rent it was doing. It's hard to try and be a leasing agent when you're travelling.
But stress no more (or new stress: will the renters wreck the place?)....our house no longer needs to be lonely.
We'll lift a pint to that.....

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The Minnesota Macs said...

Yahoo!! I am so happy to hear that your house finally rented. No more worries there! Glad to see you are both doing well and enjoying your adventure! I love reading the blog and seeing your pics! Keep them coming! Drink some pints for us at Guidant as well!
Michelle McDonald