Saturday, September 03, 2005

My First Irish Experience... sitting in a hotel pub in Cork, listening to Travis Tritt, eating fish and chips, all while drinking my first proper pint of Guinness. Well, at least I got the last part right. The funny/ironic part was everyone there was a local, the food was quite good and inexpensive compared to the pubs we'd been window shopping and for some reason listening to the barkeeper singing along to Blueberry Hill seemed Irish enough for us.

A day of wandering/blog updating from here in Cork and then off to the west coast for the week. I've got my Ireland jersey ready and my lungs primed for the Ireland/France World Cup qualifier on Wednesday.

In the meantime, we're working on posts for the Swiss and French Alps to be posted soon (we hope) and Becca has uploaded new pictures from the Swiss Alps (with those from the French Alps and more still to come).

As always, feel free to leave comments below (it's nice to know that you are actually out there)...



Anonymous said...

glad you made it out of switzerland with just soggy bottoms--and also glad you're keeping the accurate blog record--good, bad, and the occasional bowl of millet. while we know you feel deeply about what is happing out 'ere, in all this insanity it's nice to know someone out there is having a different/exciting/fun experience and we do enjoy reading (and looking!).

Peeper #007, Jenn B

Vagablonde Bombchelle said...

We combed Dublin for a good Irish bar that played Irish drinking songs for everyone to sing and dance along to. We waited an hour one night for the musician to start playing and he did a set of Dave Matthews. We found one place where there was good Irish Drinking Music and it was so packed we couldn't get in. As my one friend put it, all the Irish musicians are in the US in some sort of odd music exchange program.

Moral of the story... if you see signs for a night of Irish Music (usually on Mondays we have now learned) don't miss it!

Anonymous said...

Reasonable prices in Ireland? I'd camp out there and enjoy it! :-D

As we've mentioned to you before, you probably won't need more than a day in Dublin itself. Although depending on how many museums you want to do, you might need a second day. Otherwise, I highly suggest Guinness Storehouse, Jameson Distillery, and Trinity College (book of Kells, and more impressive, the old library (all on the same tour).

Anonymous said...

Cork is the best! Did you have Murphy's Irish stout on tap???