Saturday, June 11, 2005

What made the cut…

Here’s a list of what’s in our packs for the trip. With everything in them (only excluding our sandals); Brian’s weighed in at 26 lbs; Becca’s 24 lbs. We tried our best to follow the travel credo “pack half of what you need and bring twice as much money”. I’d say we got about half the way there so I wouldn’t be surprised if this list dwindled in a few weeks.

Clothes For Each

1 Mtn Hardware Windstopper Jacket
1 Rain Shell (Mtn Hrdwre- Br, REI – Be)
1 pair hiking/walking shoes w/ Vibram soles (North Face – Br, Vasque - Be
1 pair sandals (Keen- Br, Chaco’s – Be)
5 prs socks (Ultimax/Coolmax/Smart Wool)
5 prs underwear (Ex Officio Travel)
1 long sleeve dryfit shirt
1 short sleeve dryfit shirt
1 long sleeve button up shirt (nicer travel clothes - Brian)
1 short sleeve button up shirt (nicer travel clothes - Brian)
2 knit sleeveless tops (nicer travel clothes – Becca)
1 skirt (Becca)
1 Chico’s packable top (Becca)
1 swimsuit (Becca)
1 pair shorts
1 pair pants
1 pair convertible shorts/pants (shorts double as swimsuit Brian)
1 baseball cap
1 pair running shorts/dryfit shirt to do workouts
1 pair sunglasses
1 bandana

Other Stuff for Each
1 Platypus collapsible water bottle
1 Pack towel
1 Pack washcloth (Becca)
1 Silk sleep sack
1 Ipod shuffle
1 Pack Rain cover
1 money belt
1 Passport
1 Scanrail pass
1 Eurorail pass
Credit Card
ATM Card
Passport copy

Joint Stuff
1 Digital camera (elph)
1 Journal
1 mini-notebook
Adapters for electronics
Recharger for camera battery
Recharger for IPOD
Card reader for uploading dig pics
1 mini flashlight
1 headlamp
1 leatherman tool (knife, scissors, corkscrew(!)
First Aid kit
1 Elastic Band w/ handles (for workouts)
1 document folder

2 Kelty Redwing packs (2500 W, 2650 M)
2 REI flashpack/stuff sacks (for daypacks)


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Becca and Brian-
What? no cotton? Sounds like you will be doing laundry every night. Quick-dry clothing doesn't absorb the smell as well as cotton, right?
Anyway, sounds like you got everything covered. I am amazed at the smallness of your packs.
Keep the blog going! I enjoy the reading and living vicariously through you guys...