Saturday, June 11, 2005

Since we last wrote…

We spent two great days catching up with Becca’s brother Jon and his wife Lori during the evening while hitting glorious places such as Kinko’s and US Bank. Unfortunately we didn’t have any time to hit here. Much sushi was consumed, talk of their to-be remodeled house was had and we now know where to pick up sweet Apricot Liqueur in the Czech Republic. Thanks to both of them again for extending their usual 8pm bedtime so they could spend a little more time socializing with us :-)

We then headed out to Gresham where we got a great chance to spend an afternoon with my Grandmother Wendy, hear her globetrotting stories and admire here glorious backyard garden before heading to Casa Davis for a proper Midwestern meal and seeing Lincoln (another groomsmen and an unhealthy supporter of these guys) and his two kids.

Off to the beach for the weekend!


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