Monday, June 06, 2005

Finally in Oregon!

Quite an adventurous day while traveling from SF to Corvallis. A few observations from the 9 1/2 hours on the road.

- Leaving SF after rush hour was the way to go; we took advantage of Mark and Jessica's wonderful hospitality in the morning and as a result didn't have to add to many hours in the car.

- Which is good because trouble will always come your way when you're going past a town named Weed. In our case, we got stuck behind a 12 car pileup (and an ugly one at that) which had us parked on I-5 for an hour. Not good times.

- We highly recommend eating lunch or dinner while driving the 570 miles. We obviously should have stopped here when we passed through Cottonwood and gotten our food from a good Minnesota boy (he's from Robbinsdale eerily enough). Instead we staggered into Corvallis underfed and tired.

Up to Portland tomorrow with a few days of serious work on the horizon before heading over to Walport for the weekend.


Anonymous said...

You mean you did not readily know who Mean Gene Okerlund was?! From the AWA in the day of Jessie Ventura (the wrestler, not the governor?)

And you DIDN'T stop. Sacrilege

Anonymous said...

I knew who Mean Gene was; just was too food deprived to let it fully process until we'd passed it :-)


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you didn't stop at Mean Gene's! That's like driving PAST an "In a Tub" restaurant in Kansas City.
(we have no celebrity, only fried-and-in-large-quantity)

Keep on truck'in!