Monday, April 13, 2009

Growing like a sprout...

Kai continues to do well. She's a growing baby (last week's doctor's appointment had her in the 50th percentile for weight, 95th for head size and 100th percentile for height) and amazingly awake, aware and agile. As I described her after our last appointment, she's a "tall drink of water."

Unfortunately, to be a tall drink you have to be full. A lot. Becca's feeling a bit tethered as Kai is embracing the breastfeeding thing and eating like a champ. Seemingly all of the time. The offshoot of this is that when Kai wakes up from sleeping, she usually wants to eat. Now. Like NOW!!!

(Feed Me Woman!)

So the cute pics of Kai are fewer and far between for now. This is more of what we see when she's awake. That's not a bad thing; she's continuing to grow and is just getting used to pesky things like a digestive track. It is good practice though for having to understand the various screams and determining which you can do anything about. I've been fortunate; in an effort to give Becca some more sleep, I've been taking Kai for some bonding time in the mornings. I can't even begin to describe the feelings around having this thing that you helped create curled up on you. Plus it's nice to have some time with Kai early on since most of her time is spent within a 5-10 foot radius of mom. Someone has to teach her the finer points of baseball :-)


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dee said...

She even cries cute.