Saturday, April 04, 2009

Chapter one...

Home from the hospital for 24 hours and just starting to have the whole 'oh my god we have a baby now' sink in. Actually, to be fair, I'm still just trying to adjust to the fact that we have a little girl...for some reason I had been sure it would be a boy. But now that I'm getting used to it, it's pretty cool...she's pretty cute. :-)

We'll be trying to do a lot more posting now that we actually have something to post about and we'll try and put pics up here or on flickr (or Facebook) for those who are looking for a baby fix. (link to be updated soon...)

Mostly I just wanted to thank all all family, friends, and Felbernauts who sent us such wonderful words of congratulations over the past few days. It's really nice to know that Kai already has such a great group of folks looking out for her.

And finally, a Kai Burrito:

So I've been totally grumpy about the whole dressing girls in pink thing
but I have to admit...that's pretty adorable. :-)



Tammy said...

Becca (& Brian), when I said pink, I meant *PINK*. I'm still searching for sew on snaps and Kai's vest will be in the mail!

ps: it's much cuter now with the picot edges & all ;)

Brian and Becca Davis said...



That's so fun! Can't wait to see what it looks like with its buttons!

Kai says thanks :-)