Friday, March 27, 2009


So due date day has come and is on its way to being gone, and baby is showing no inclination to being in any hurry to come join us. (It's increasingly looking like no one but baby will win the birth pool!)

You start to wonder if the belly has its own time zone...

Mostly I'm pretty good with that. Though today just seemed to increase a step function in uncomfortableness, I'm still not that bad...certainly no where near as miserable as many, many of the other very preggers ladies I see or know. And there is certainly more work to get wrapped up before I hand it off, so having extra days for that is very nice.

And finally, I sort of feel like once the baby comes there is that whole 'your whole life has changed' thing going on. Given that it will be changed for the rest of our lives, I don't mind putting it off for another week or two.

Is it time to set the egg timer yet?

Will let folks know once there's any news.



ml said...

Glad you are still relatively comfortable and patient to wait for baby! Great perspective.

You'll have to remind us about the baby pool dates we selected. Having two two-week late babies myself, I think I pegged Baby Davis' arrival the first week in April, didn't I?

Very excited to meet baby-- whenever he/she decides to make the grand debut!

SeattleDan said...
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Tammy said...

my comment was so not right when I was still signed in as Dano posting the bookreport. *A-hem* (clears throat):

I loved letting my belly enter a room before I did! Way to push people around!

Can't wait until we haz good news and pictures! (looking pointedly at Brian :)

Anonymous said...

We can hardly wait to hear the good news! I think of you guys all the time...sending lots of good labor vibes your way. You sound a lot like me before baby #1...eager, but definitely not to the point of "get this baby out!" like you hear with some people. It WILL happen soon, and it will be amazing! Birth is such an incredible gift. I hope your experience is one you'll always can do it!

Anonymous said...

Oops! That last post was from Kristin (and Chris and the gang!)

Vagablonde Bombchelle said...

At least Baby Davis was kind enough to wait until its Daddy was finished with his fantasy baseball draft ;-)

Old Man Grimes said...

The baby WILL arrive on April Fools Day. And the phone call to Becca's mom will be a little awkward for Brian:
"Hello, Molly! We just had a baby girl."
"Ha ha. Nice try. I fell for it last time, but not again"
"No, seriously, Becca just had baby girl, perfectly healthy, 9 pounds 1 ounce. We're naming her Gill Reser Davis, after my two favorite sports venues."
"That's not funny, Brian. It's actually rather cruel to tease me like this"
"But Molly, I'm not kidding!"
[click][Molly hangs up]