Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Brian's Crazy Emails #1

Being fortunate enough to be an early adopter to gmail, I had my choice of email addresses. Despite the obvious move of just using my first and last name (it was available), I chose to use my first initial and last name. I think this was mainly because it was what my work email was at the time but in retrospect, not the best move. Having a generic email address has led to me being signed up for all sorts of newsletters and offers as well as being the recipient of well... let's just say emails that aren't meant for me. On the suggestion of my friend wadE, I've chosen to start posting some of these for the entertainment value of all. All names have been deleted to protect the innocent, innoculous and idiotic.

So with that overly explanative introduction, here's the first Brian's Crazy Emails. It's no This Is Why You're Fat, but hopefully it will add some humor to your day.

Crazy Email #1:

I am freakin almost 12 & I still don’t have my ears pierced!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh the unfairness is unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Uhuhuhuhuuuh! Cant breathe!!

I'm not quite sure where to start here. My friend wadE pointed out that she must not be Italian; evidently it's commonplace for Italian girls to get their ears pierced at 6 months (or so says his Italian-American wife). I just enjoyed the quality teen angst. She does get credit for not using texting English in the email though. Nice to have it completely devoid of OMGs and LOLs. However, the angry Pac-Man? I did a cursory glance of Google image but didn't have any luck finding the equivalent. Perhaps an original creation? Either way it seems to be speaking in Pac-ese. Perhaps "Let teen angst free?"



Brian and Becca Davis said...

Huh..for some reason my PC doesn't show the homicidal PacMan-like graphic that our young friend included in her email. If yours doesn't either, trust us it was a nice touch. :-)


Unknown said...

I am right there with you, Brian. Only I imagine there are more "bdavis"es than there are "jstrong"s-- but I get email ALL THE TIME for jstrongs other than myself. Vacation pictures, group emails for ward leaders from the mormon church, emails about how one parishoner needed help leaving her abusive husband, emails from parents to their kid's teacher, I could go on.