Monday, December 15, 2008

Good God

And here I thought Portland was beyond hokey people in horrible holiday sweaters telling me the weather.

Monday's weather forecast

I stand corrected. Thankfully the Storm of the Century (i.e. a normal Minnesota winter day) is coming by Wednesday to increase the entertainment level.



SethG said...

Sometimes I'm tempted to watch the news just to see Sven Sundgaard.

Captcha: "drablut"

ml said...

This is hilarious...and shameful. Our friends hold an ugly sweater contest each year. He'd win hands down.

Nursedude said...

Wow...that's the ugliest sweater I have seen since the ones Bill Cosby wore on the Cosby Show back in the 80's.

Anonymous said...

Dudes!!! Be nice, guys. His mother gave him that sweater for Christmas - in 1986. It still fits! (Damn, he was a big kid!)

hedera said...

My, that is an astounding sweater. And he wore it on camera! Amazing. I bet he wears Argyle socks, too.