Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Yes We DID!!!

The start of a new chapter.....what an amazing moment.


Nursedude said...

I did not vote for Obama, but it is a watershed moment in the US. When I was a little kid, enforced segregation was in place in most of the south, and places like Boston and Chicago were big time segregated-but not in an offical way like Montgomary, Biloxi, or Atlanta. The only way a black person could be at the University of Alabama, or Ole Miss was to clean the buildings.

We have now gone beyond what Colin Powell and Condalezza Rush accomplished in having the two most important jobs in the President's cabinent.

Funny to see Jesse Jackson, who questioned if President-elect Obama was "Black enough" and who "Wanted to cut his nuts off" was seen crying in Grant Park at the World's Biggest House Party.

I think even for us as a nation, Barack Obama's stunning win signals a change in the whining, divisive style of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

Now that he has won the prize, it will be up to Obama-and history to see if he will be another John F Kennedy, who can challenge us to be better, or Jimmy Carter, a micro-manager who had a miserable 4 year spell as President in the late 1970's. during an even darker and more miserable time than what we are going through now.(I was there, I remember)

hedera said...

As a white person I always hesitate to comment on black issues; but over and over since this election, I've heard black person after black person saying, "We have no excuses any more. Now we really can do anything." I even heard someone say, "Maybe we can even solve crime in Oakland." That's gotta be a good thing.