Friday, July 18, 2008

So we've been a little busy....

Okay, so the constant disappearances from the blog are getting old, and certainly aren't helping encourage any readership. We get that. We really do. And we'll work on it.
Before we get back to Turkey tales though, I should explain what we've been up to.
Get this:

Since our last post we have

  • Found out our landlords were returning to Portland and we would need to move out when our lease expired in August

  • Found a house we liked and made an offer

  • Had the offer accepted (after much back and forth)

  • Found out the sewer needed to be replaced and there were a bunch of fix-its to do

  • Decided to get the house anyway

  • Closed on the purchase

  • Packed up the old place

  • Moved out of our townhouse (and cleaned it)

  • Unpacked the kitchen, master bed and bath and office to make the new house a functional residence.

Not bad for 6 weeks, eh?

More descriptions and pictures of the house (and Turkey pics) in the coming weeks

Home owners again ... .woo-hoo!



piglet said...

You must be pooped. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

I'm dying to see pics of the house! Don't wait too long to post!


Kristin (& Chris)