Friday, June 06, 2008

Ruins for everyone!

While Ephesus (which will get its own detailed post sometime soon), Pergamum and a few others are the best preserved and get all the press, it seems like you could toss a stick randomly along the central Mediterranean coast and hit a Greek or/(and) Roman ruin.

A sampling of our finds:

Atlantis-like feel at the watery ruins of Miletus

The 15,000 seat Great Theater at Miletus

Remains of the Temple of Athena, Priene (beneath Mt. Mykale)

Column graveyard, Priene

Remains of Greek Theater, Priene

Enjoying the power seat, Priene

Imposing steps into the city, Labranda

2,000+ year old wine casks, Labranda



piglet said...

Isn't anyone of authority paying attention lest you carry one of their ruin bits away?

You look like you have the place to yourselves.

Brian and Becca Davis said...

a) the joys and benefits of being there right before tourist season really starts

b) and no, there really wasn't anyone keeping an eye on us

we really recommend the late-April trip.