Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A random update...

While listening to Public Enemy and trying my best to avoid school commitments during spring break:

  • Work continues to go well. Lots of work and still a very steep learning curve though I'm starting to realize that may be more of a constant given the ever evolving dynamic in the industry. The people are great, I get to wear jeans and listen to Pandora at work and we have Fridays at 4, what can best be described as an internal happy hour.
  • As part of work, I'm finally having to embrace the "social media" space. For those of you less tech literate in the reading audience, I'm talking about Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, etc. I'm jumping in the shallow end and added a Facebook account to the arsenal. I need to go buy our social media guru a beer to have him show me how it works, but it is a start.
  • On the slightly deeper end, I joined Twitter. What is Twitter? Well, it is either a form of microblogging that allows someone to quickly update their "followers" on what is going on or it could be the biggest waste of time ever. The jury is still out but an article on Twitter's founder Evan Williams is worth the read.
  • Looking forward to going from Mt. Hood to Palo Alto in approximately 4 hours on Friday as I go from Anvil's quarterly field trip to the airport and then on a plane to celebrate Becca's grandmother's 90th birthday.
Ok, back to work/school. Hope all is well!


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marlynn said...

who doesn't love twitter? it's addictive! ps - you need to update :)