Sunday, March 09, 2008


A little tidbit while I work on writing an actual entry....

Brian hiking above the Lauterbrunner Valley, Swiss Alps

So, we have a new entry for the annals of "what are the chances of that??".

We were out house shopping last weekend at a nice place for sale by owner and spent some time talking with the guy. Turns out he's selling the house because his family is moving back to Switzerland. Further, it turns out that they lived/will live again more or less "just around the corner" from one of our favorite Swiss spots and are well acquainted with the Lauterbrunner valley and the Mountain Hostel in Gimmelwald (one of the highlights of our whole around-the-world trip).

That was a nice little connection, but not so weird in-of-itself as Gimmelwald has quite a following among the traveling (and rick steves) bunches. But then we got his phone number to follow up with.

Quick aside: Brian and I got our cell phones last September. You know how the process goes: they enter your information and then the system picks out the next available number and assigns it to you. Well, Brian's info went in and his number ended in x598. Then they put mine in and I was assigned the same number, but ending in x601. So they were actually very close to each other, even though the last four digits didn't share many numbers.

Okay, so, back to the main story. So we get his phone number and it's the same as ours, but ends in x600. We do a double take and then tell him our numbers. We all laugh at that, especially when he tells us his wife's number is x599. So basically, he and his wife were at one Verizon store getting cell phone service at the exact same instant last year that Brian and I were at another one doing the same. (and his data entry person was faster than ours!)

While not life-changing or anything like that, it did make us wonder whether we were cosmically fated to buy their house.....


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