Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Little Housecleaning...

For our loyal readers, we've finally gotten around to doing some minor housecleaning (beats doing the real thing). The site has a few new links (including our friend Rich's continuing adventures around the world) as well as Flick's Zeitgeist function. Now you can check out our pictures in a size that makes ophthalmologists around the world feel secure in their latest sports car purchase.

Just spent a recharging weekend at the beach and am now back working hard trying to be the Grade A student, find a job and keep myself from putting on the eggnog/pumpkin pie/winter ale pounds already. Hopefully news on all fronts soon!


Note: currently the Zeitgeist isn't showing the pictures from our trip, but rather some of the more recent ones. We'll see if we can get that fixed.

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